26 March 2008

Update - Bill Reid - Wednesday morning

Brethren -

Bill has had a tough couple of days. He's been moved to a rehab area, so that he can get built up to be ready for the ordeal of stents or surgery. Both visitation and phone contact are somewhat restricted, and I'm not sure yet what the rules are.

Bill needs a lift, brothers. Please send him cards - Fairmont General Hospital, Locust Avenue, Fairmont WV 26554; or email me, I'll blow it up and take it to him. Sometimes, I'll print stuff off a free greeting card site, www.bluemountain.com, and if you guys go there,you can send that to me and again, I'll print them and take them to Bill.

Bill is getting great care, managed by Bro./Dr. Brad Miller, Acacia 157.

Acacia 157

Roger D. Curry, J.D.
Curry & Swisher, pllc
213 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554
Fax 304-363-1143

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