03 March 2008

Apocalypse now

Lack of desire hasn't been the reason for a post-less week -- it's been frantic 'round No. 3, and I've brought in an endloader to shovel off my tragic desk. OK, actually, Tammy & Kathy are pitching in, and that's every bit as good as an endloader.

Pastor Josh has started a "pastor's blog" for the church - excellent idea, I believe. I need a transparent identity to post comments - there is an elder named Roger there - Perhaps I'll be Roger-the-Heretic - you know, the one who they call on for the rebuttal after a particularly moving service, and have a congregational vote to either expel or burn at the stake. Actually, I've taken on giving one of many "meditations" about the words of Jesus on the cross. I'm curious - will Josh ask me for my thoughts in advance, or live with the nervousness of open heresy? I confess, I like watching people puzzle over my peculiarities. In a Bible study last night, there was a discussion of apocalyptic stuff - with the opinion offered that the current age isn't very apocalyptic. How's that again? You don't need to warp current events into Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel (and Nostradamus) to detect oncoming disruption. We are truly in sight of the end of petroleum. When some people now living are old, they will NOT be driving gasoline powered vehicles. We have the end of coal & gas visible in the distance. There are still some tens of thousands of nuclear warheads which are still assembled and lots of fissile material (much of it missing) from which other warheads may be assembled. There is a growing disruptive influence in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and much of Asia and Southeast Asia, as well as hot spots everywhere else. The MTV generation thinks that privation is having the cheap champagne with dinner, and the growing desperate poor have no voice. Climate change is a fact, and the skeptics are flat-earthers. Gresham's law lives. So, perhaps Heaven will not open and from out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword and all of that, but this is not a stable or safe time.

Politics is heating up locally. I think that some candidates understand basically where I am coming from, that to me, politics is a cross between science and religion, and that sometimes Doctor Reality says things that you don't want to hear. I’ve told several candidates, including Partner Amy, my views of exactly how to change the current trends. In so doing, they MUST be the ones in charge of their respective campaigns, and must make the choices, right or wrong. They can listen to all sorts of advice, some of which will be well-intended but just wrong and the rest of which will be from people blowing sunshine up their kilts hoping that if they win, those folks will have some unfair advantage or influence. Sometimes, I think that Second Father Jim and I are the only trustworthy ones in the bunch, mainly because we don't have personal political ambitions or desire for glory. At least political glory locally. Oh, another part of that Bible study was the image of light vs. darkness. That doesn't translate well to me. I have always loved the night. Working midnight shift was a special time. An acquaintance of mine, one of the national leaders in EMS, the late Jim Page, wrote a book of essays on EMS entitled "The Magic of 3 AM." He was right. (Jim died at a relatively young age of a sudden heart attack, and in a darn ironic situation, there was a seriously delayed ambulace response to his event.) And night in the woods is even more magical. The only unusually acute physical sense I have is night vision, and it is positively a joy to walk silently at night. With the various "colors" displayed in badges on my car, I think that it's inappropriate to put a specific candidate's stuff there. There is a sticker though: "11-4-08" - It is important that we all vote.

I've five reviews to write for the canon, and honestly haven't had the time even block more than two of them out.

Down 185 solid. The silver band I bought as a sort of wedding band has gotten too big for my ring finger.

Keep your powder dry. Pippa passes.


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