30 March 2008

Update - Bill Reid - Sunday night, 30 March 2008

30 March 2008

Good evening, Brethren -

For the first time in two weeks, I report on Wor. Bro. Reid with some cautious optimism. He has had a good weekend, and they have been building him up with good nutrition and even some modest exercise. The plan is that he will be transferred to Monongalia General Hospital (J. D. Anderson Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505) by the rescue squad sometime tomorrow, Monday, 31 March. At Mon General, he will have stents inserted into some coronary arteries. His physician, Bro. Dr. Brad Miller, has informed me that this procedure will be quite dangerous, given Bill’s general medical condition, but they really have no choice but to do it. A friend who is a staff physician at Fairmont General, Dr. Ilene Blacksberg, told me this evening that Bill has really shown improvement over the past couple of days. My son Tim is working tomorrow, so he may be the one to take Bill to Morgantown. Bill says that he will vigorously trash-talk this humble brother!!

As an indication of his feeling better, let me tell you that he ran me vigorously through Principal Fellowcraft tonight, and as you might imagine, informed me that there is no "uh" anywhere in the work.

Bill really enjoys calls and cards. I don’t know what the call/visitation situation will be at Mon General. Presumably, he will be in an ICU for at least some period, and those folks are rather inflexible about such matters. I will continue to pass reports on to Phil, who will post them on the Masonic Telegraph (my name for it, I’m not sure what Phil calls it), and I will also post those reports on my blog, www.No3EquityCourt.blogspot.com.

Please continue to send Bill cards & letters. You can find free cards to email at www.bluemountain.com, and can send those and/or emails to me at the address below, and I will carry them to Wor. Bro. Bill.

Bill looks forward to having his working tools cleaned and sharpened, and resuming his labor as soon as possible.

Bill isn’t out of the woods by a darn sight, so continued thoughts, prayers and brotherly love is absolutely necessary.

Roger D. Curry
Acacia 157
213 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554
Cell 304-282-8013

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