31 March 2008

update - Bill Reid - Monday 31 March

Brethren -

Billy had a bad morning, and didn't get transferred to Mon General. The plan now is to send him Tuesday or Wednesday and do the stents the day he gets there. He was doing well this evening, in good spirits.

He received cards from Acacia and Friendship and let me tell you he was just beaming! Brothers, keep sending cards/emails. He is now in Fairmont General, Room 321, visitation 9AM to 9PM, phone at his bedside 304-367-7321.

Acacia 157

Roger D. Curry, J.D.
Curry & Swisher, pllc
213 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554
Fax 304-363-1143


Anonymous said...

does he want emails from complete strangers?

Roger D. Curry said...

Absolutely, Carolyn.
Billy is 85 or so, and several years ago was my Masonic "coach," i.e., taught me "the work," which is long, long stuff that's not written down ANYWHERE. The Work consists of hours and hours, and I've never heard Bill make a mistake.
He's really terrified by this experience - and he is a hell of a man, and is trying very hard not to show it.