18 March 2008

Special to the Brothers - re Billy Reid

Tuesday, 18 March 2006, 10 PM

Good evening, Brethren -

Just came from Fairmont General - Billy Reid remains there in ICU. The plan to transfer him to Morgantown got scrapped, he's not healthy enough to face any surgery right now. Brother Doc Brad Miller says that this is real, real serious, but that these events ARE survivable. Again, it depends on what the Architect has on the trestleboard.

Current plan is that Billy remains in FGH for another week or so, then gets transferred somewhere for some sort of rehab. This is all up in the air, and that decision cannot be made yet. I and other brothers are contacting appropriate resource people so that Billy has all the info he can get and all the options possible when the decision point comes - He remains alert & oriented (and peeved), and HE will be the one making these decisions - and I hope that decision point does come soon. He SHOULD get transferred to ICU/Step-down tomorrow morning.

I had a long chat with the ICU people tonight- that Billy has a very big family, mostly brothers, who aren't necessarily genetically related -- They are OK with that, as long as we don't get in their way, they're easy to get along with. In my opinion, Billy needs to see people who care about him. He is very low. This is about the anniversary of Tek's death a year ago, and he is facing the ultimate test of life. I'll report through Phil tomorrow what room, and any additional info re visiting. FGH phone no. is 304-367-7100. If I can't get to a computer, my staff will email Phil. I will also post these updates on my blog, www.no3equitycourt.blogspot.com so that they are there semi-permanently -- But Phil will be by far the fastest way to find out the status. To get on Phil's telegraph mailing list, email him at PHIL1434@aol.com.

I don't know of anything other than emails (send to rogercurry@aol.com, I'll print them off and carry them to bill) or cards (Fairmont General Hosp., Locust Avenue, Fairmont, WV 26554) or VISITS that the brethren can do at present. I can envision circumstances where Billy may need the presence of brethren together or in shifts, and I would appreciate any brother who will let me know that he may be available - I pray that doesn't happen, by the way. Billy's got too darn much work to do on THIS house before he packs up his tools and goes to the celestial one, and that's something he needs repeated to him lots.

you can get me 24/7 at numbers/addresses below.

Pray for Billy, brethren - the Great Physician is the main guy with the plan right now.


Roger D. Curry, J.D.
Curry & Swisher, pllc
213 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554
Fax 304-363-1143
cell 304-282-8013

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my heart goes out to all of you.