23 March 2008

Update - Bill Reid - Sunday night

Brethren -

Bill has had a good couple of days - his spirits are definitely coming up. Dr./Bro. Brad Miller says that he's progressing well. The plan is that he will get a pulmonary function test on MOnday, which will seriously wear him out; and then this week be transferred to a rehab facility of some sort (perhaps even the one in the FGH building) to get built up for a couple of weeks. Apparently, the plan is then to get the stents installed in coronary arteries and then home with as-yet-undetermined home health stuff.

Bill is going through one of the big challenges of his life - he really appreciates hearing from the brethren. Please continue to go visit (Room 331, Fairmont General Hospital, Fairmont, WV 26554), call him (304-367-8616, right at his bedside, remember that he hears poorly) or if you email stuff to him to me, I'll print it off in big font and take it to him. Also any inspirational/biblical stuff you can send to him he appreciates, too.

Acacia 157

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