09 April 2008

Update on Bill Reid - Wednesday, 8 April

Brethren -

Bill was released from Mon General today, and is now at Fitzwater's Personal Care at 219 Locust Avenue in Fairmont - big buff brick building right beside our offices - Bro.Dr. Brad Miller has a medical plan, and he's the guy in charge - some kinds of rehab, get Billy built back up. - Bro.Doc has a plan.

In the meantime, Fitzwaters is a good place- a dear friend who is a social work consultant did a lot for us on this - also, i've been leaning on lots of the brothers, inclduing Bro. Gary Bolyard, Bro. Don Neptune and Bro. Gary Donaldson. Bill's neighbors and friends have been magnificent.

GO VISIT BILL - he needs it - I think that soon he'll be back to coaching (he ran me through some stuff while he was hospitalized), and that's the stuff that energizes him and keeps him going - besides, there's nobody who's a better coach - if there is not sufficient privacy to do that in the personal care place, I'm giving him a key to my office (and I gotta remember to tell him the alarm code!), so he can take a walk, coach and get out some. Visiting hours are 10AM to 8PM - WHen he's feeling good, you can take him to dinner, etc. - the folks at Fitzwaters are very easygoing - Also, there is another brother there, Bro. Don, so look in on him, too - Bro. Bolyard is asking his/our pastor to look in on Bill, too.

Tomorrow, my paralegal Kathy Angelucci (wife of Bro. Mark) is going over with a cell phone to give to Bill - his number while he's there will be 304-282-3187 - it should be in service Wednesday afternoon. CALL BILL. I think we have a way to get stuff that Bill will need from his house (by copy of this email, I am advising my moving-stuff-go-to-guy, my son Tim, that we need his strong back and his truck!!)

Cards/letters are good, send them directly to 219 Locust Avenue, Fairmont, WV 26554. Emails send to me, I'll print them off and take them to Bill.

BUT HE NEEDS TO SEE PEOPLE - so drop by, and don't forget Bro. Don.

I'm out of town tonight, I know that some brothers are looking in on Bill this evening in the new place.

Brethren, as a garden variety Master Mason, I think that the response of the brothers in Bill's illness has been an example of the best of Freemasonry.

Acacia 157

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