05 April 2008

update - Bill Reid - Saturday night, 5 April

Brethren -

I hoped to have a good report on Bro. Bill Reid today - he was released from Mon General and sent home yesterday. Today, however, he was doing poorly, and just didn't have the strength to be at home and function, even with someone there with him, and he also was having further physical symptoms. The rescue squad took Bill back to Fairmont General and after he was evaluated in the ER, he was transferred by ambulance back to Mon General. Bro. Gary Bolyard and Bro. Don Neptune came running up to the hospital to assist when they heard, and Bro. Gary got his pastor, Josh Patty, also to come up to provide much-needed support.

So, Bill is in Room 408 at Monongalia General Hospital, J.D. Anderson Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505. Send him cards, go see him. He will have a phone in his room, but I suggest waiting until Sunday morning to call him - as I write this, they are still doing the checking in and evaluation process, and that's pretty confusing. Also, email Bill, send them to me, and I'll print them off and take them to him.

Brethren, I have another observation - This is the third time that Bill has needed EMS in the past month. Each time, the rescue squad has come promptly and the folks working for them were quiet, quick and competent. When nothing goes wrong, sometimes we forget these guys. So when you see them, wave, or thank them. If they drive past your church on Sunday morning, don't get annoyed - stop the service for a quick prayer for their safety and the safety of those they treat. They're doing it for us.


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