15 April 2008

Bill Reid's rough couple of days

Brethren -

Bill has surely had a rough couple of days. Last night, he broke his hip at the personal care home. (While we were waiting on the ambulance, Bill told me that he felt his hip break, and that caused him to fall.) The docs talked/consulted a great deal today about what to do - 4 of them were in on coming up with the recommendation to Bill - Bill was alert and in pretty good spirits under the circumstances. The docs recommended that he go ahead and have surgery even thought it was extremely risky given his heart, lungs & diabetes. He had the surgery this evening by dr. Thrush, and Dr. Thrush told us that it went as well as it could, that his bones were in pretty good shape, and that he obviously has a lot of very serious health problems going on. Bro/Dr Brad Miller was there most of the day (it was his day off, too) and sat with the bunch of folks while the surgery was going on.

Bill knew that this was really serious - while waiting for the ambulance he used a phrase we know intended for times of distress - Well, he's a man's man, has great faith, and is fighting hard.

The docs said this evening, essentially, that they're helping the Architect, and that He is really the one in charge of Bill's future.

Bill will be in intensive care for a couple of days, mainly because the surgery had to have stressed his heart, etc. Visitation is somewhat restricted, but the people in the ICU understand that the brothers will slip in and out. He has no phone right now.

Cards to Fairmont General Hospital, Locust Avenue, Fairmont, WV 26554 - emails to me, and I'll print them off and take them to Bill.

Bill has been getting great care from everyone, including the Architect.

Acacia 157

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