27 April 2008

Bill Reid update - big problems

Brethren -

Bill Reid remains in the cardiac care at Mon General. He is on a breathing mask (not tube), and had a really, really bad spell yesterday. Right now, he’’s holding his own. The doc up there says that he has something like 50-50 chance, and that if he gets out of the hospital, it’’ll be into some sort of nursing home and that he will have a "poor quality of life," that’’s the doc’’s words.

Bill made arrangements a long time ago for what to do when this sort of stuff happens - the guys with whom he’’s made those arrangements are all keeping in the loop on the details of what’’s going on =- Bill is still alert, making his own decisions. He is fully aware that he is in terrible danger. Assisting us A LOT is Rev. Josh Patty, Bro. Bolyard's & my minister - Bill's minister is away for some weeks.

Bill is as alert as you can be on a boatload of drugs and with a breathing mask. We have left a Bible in the room (large print, because Bro. Bolyard keeps forgetting his reading glasses!), and Billy really likes to have guys read to him from the Bible. He vocalizes being at peace, that he know that he’’s saved, and that whichever way it goes, he wins. "His will be done," that's what Bill told us today. Well, he is going through the ULTIMATE TERROR and test of life GO SEE BILL - cardiac care is on the third floor of Mon General - they know that the brethren will be visiting, they have no problem with that - maximum of 3 visitors at a time - READ TO BILL - TALK TO BILL - he is a man’’s man, and deserves our continuing brotherly love.

Oh, and don’’t forget that we ran into a brother at Fitzwater’’s (219 Locust Avenue in Fairmont), Bro. Don (Bridgeport lodge) who has basically no family, no visitors - he lights up when a brother talks to him, so when you’’re driving down Locust Avenue, take a 10 minute detour, oK?

To paraphrase (poorly) something Rev. Josh said today in church, we gotta play ALL the time like it's 4th down with 10 seconds to play, 'cause we just don't know when the clock is really going to run out.

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