27 April 2008

Difficult weekend

A few reflections tonight.

Does it amount to whining if I say I’m really fried tonight?

See below the status of Bro. Bill. Dealing with a dear friend who knows that the end of his life is in sight is a wake-up call of the first order. I wish I knew what to make of it. Bro. Gary and I have been reading to Bill (the Bible) and he has enough wind to discuss it a little bit with us. He is facing the ultimate test of life. Perhaps all that we can hope for in life is to face that in our own time with the same degree of faith and peace. I mentioned in the “joys & concerns” section of the service at church today Bill’s situation and the fact that I know he needs prayer but I have no clue what to pray for. Pastor Josh suggests that we simply ask God to “teach us to pray.”

In accordance with a very, very old custom of the mountains, one of the things being read to Billy is the “Song of Songs,” one of the most wistful and beautiful things in the Bible.

The Fairmont Field Club burned to the ground last night. It was a huge, old structure built in the 1920's, with charm and beauty. Being that it was an unattended building at night, the fire had advanced a long way before the alarm was turned in, and it was fully involved when the first engine got there. This suggests the usefulness of alarm systems. There are national companies now competing at decent prices for monitored alarm systems. I’m checking into that for the church.

On a quick B&N trip today with Grandmother, I had the family drop me off at B&N because I wasn't interested in lunch, and I confess that I spent a delicious, almost illicit hour reading. One of the things I was reading was in a primer for people who carry arms on occasion, strongly suggesting that everyone carry capstun, so that you will have an effective yet non-lethal alternative. Make sense to me. Capstun (pepper spray) really does put people down.


Pippa passes.


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