25 April 2008

The Dark Angel is taking another run at Bill Reid

Brethren -

The Dark Angel hasn't given up by a long sight - Wor. Bill Reid had what a doc described as a "massive" heart attack in the bottom of his heart about 7 AM today. He was quickly transferred back to Mon General, where they put in some more stents and put him up in cardiac care. He knows that he is in great danger and that he's says that he's mainly in God's hands. I don't believe in spouting doom & gloom to someone that sick, but he doesn't want sunshine blown at him, either, if the sun ain't shining. He is fully competent, making his own decisions. There is no phone in his room. Cards to Monongalia General Hospital, J.D. Anderson Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505. Emails to me or GaryBolyard@att.net, we'll print and forward.

Lots of brothers came running today. Observation: Perhaps our obligations are hard, but they are really simple. I'm getting two rules that the brethren are faithfully following: (1) Show brotherly love. (2) When the going gets tough, keep showing brotherly love.

Acacia 157

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