19 August 2008

Urgent Contest - Fabulous Prizes - Vital Issue!!

The firm (i.e., me) is committed to some yellow page advertising for the upcoming year, and we have to have the information for the ads to Aubrey the sales rep by Friday. However, we can’t advertise as Curry & Swisher because that firm won’t be actively practicing past the middle of October. That time frame is nailed down tightly so that I don’t have a big chunk of down time during the transition as Amy winds up the campaign and, with a fair wind, assumes the Family Court judgeship. Drat. The new firm is in the process of forming, but we aren’t at the point of announcing any details yet. One thing that we must have immediately is a name for the new firm -- An ad for "The Unknown Law Firm" just doesn't have a whole lot of pizzazz.

And sooooooo - A contest!! NAME THE NEW FIRM!

I’ve been thinking -- sort of “kidding on the square” about possible firm names. How about “Uriah Memorial Legal Group”? (For context, see a post in a week or so.) Or maybe “Armageddon Legal Group,” that's the one I like the best. One of my other favorites is “MyLawyerCanBeatYourLawyer Legal Group”. But perhaps there’s something better available.

Contest Rules:

1 - No proper names of any lawyers involved. No “Curry,” no “Smith.”

2 - Must end in “Legal Group.”

3 - Must not give the appearance of connection with any public agency (i.e., “Fairmont Legal Group” would imply connection to the City of Fairmont, and that’s a no-no) or otherwise be misleading ("Best Damn Lawyers in WV Legal Group.")

4 - No doublespeak - i.e., no “certified,” “integrated,” “general,” “universal,” “innovative,” “advanced,” or meaningless blather like that.

The prize, the prize - OK, a veritable cornucopia from the bottomless bookshelves:

For (1) the name adopted or (2) if no entry is adopted, the best by the capricious standards of me and my mystery partner:

Living is Forever, by J. Edwin Carter (Quirky but fun philosophical novel, a pristine paperback)

This Land is Their Land, by Barbara Ehrenreich (New hardcover, lots of highlighting for review purposes)

The Making of a Country Lawyer, by Gerry Spence (Hardcover, great shape)

Blasphemy, Douglas Preston (Hardcover, Like new)

Enter early, enter often, but enter soon.

Pippa passes.



sheila222 said...

Justice For All Legal Group
Justice is Blind (deaf and dumb optional) Legal Group
Almost Heaven Legal Group
Mountaintop Legal Group (implies you are the pinnacle!)
Mountain State Legal Group
Peerless Legal Group
Fearless etc
Brothers in Law Legal Group (get it??
I don't fully understand your rules, so reject as need be. More to follow.

sheila222 said...

Fly By Night, Lawyers By Day Legal Group
Justice Legal Group (should have been on first offering)
Benchmark Legal Group

Anonymous said...

Country Bummpkins Law Group

mavis sidebottom said...

Justice self legal group of one ( not sure if that works with an american accent mind you )

schell said...

Eagle Legal Group

(as a former scout, I thought you'd like that...plus, it sounds good.

Anonymous said...

how about Number Three Equity Court?

sheila222 said...

Victory Legal Group
Reliant Legal Group
Paladin Legal Group
Champion Legal Group
(some of these soundlike you are a used car salesman)
Raise the Bar Legal Group
Bar None Legal Group- I think your brand would look like this -O
Crossing the Bar Legal Group- or does that borrow too much from Tennyson- yes, I was an Author's Player of some repute in my youth

rosa said...

err to go obvious No. 3 Equity Court Legal Group :-)

Anonymous said...

It's fitting to offer these as afterthoughts of your gifting "The Nine" to me:

Beyond The Nine Legal Group

Before The Nine Legal Group

Tenth Justice Legal Group

Tenth Jurist Legal Group

Ten Court Legal Group

The Ten Legal Group