13 August 2008

Peace, sadness and a bad attitude

Space to Rant? Nuts.

Dearest Friend Sheila made a comment to the last post that she terms a “rant” about John Edwards and his adultery, and she disagrees with my treatment of him, and she apologizes. Pshaw, dearest. Yours is not a rant – it’s an offering in the marketplace of ideas. It’s put forward with sincerity and honesty and a good heart and an open mind. If all discourse in this nation were done that way, we would be far, far better off. Long may you rant, darling, and you are always welcome here.


A dear friend from high school is in a world of hurting in a hospital in Marietta, Ohio. Her cancer has returned with a vengeance and she literally is fighting for her life. So when you’re complaining about four dollar gas, junk mail, impolite sales clerks or loud little kids, just shut up, quit whining [cf. Larry Winget], take your own pulse and get some perspective.

And keep Janese in your prayers. [That sort of requests bothers some people. If it bothers you, that's your problem.]

Jerome R. Corsi is a Nut Job . . .

And his new book, The Obama Nation, is a collection of evil fiction that distorts the legitimate discussion of our dismal electoral choices in lots of races this year, especially that for the presidency. Corsi told so many lies in his hack job on John Kerry, Unfit for Command, it took a few weeks to research them all, so it had free play in the gullible publish-or-perish press and the who-cares-about-a-bunch-of-lies Fox News & clones.

The legacy of Karl Rove is that, for the present, it is an effective political tool simply to make shit up.

The shooting in Arkansas and Dr. Reality says that the dinoflagellate parasite pundits are morons

The Democratic State Chairman in Arkansas was killed by a gunman today. Sadly but not unexpectedly, the autopsy’s not even finished and everyone with a loud mouth and deficient logic has an opinion that it’s “obviously” the fault of whoever it is they disagree with. Liberals say that it’s the Republicans who want everyone to have guns, including the nuts & criminals. Conservatives say that the Democrats are the ones who have coddled criminals and that if they had balls (figuratively), guys like this gunman wouldn’t be on the street. There are more sophisticated theories, but they are all on these themes.

As long as we look for simple solutions, we will continue to trade slogans with raised voices and solve nothing. There are 100 million handguns in America. That is neither “too many” nor “not enough.” Those are value judgments. The 100 million is a number, a fact. Guns are robust and last for decades. They are not going away. Some people are evil, and others will become violent because they cannot control themselves or choose not to control themselves. Again, fact. There are criminal organizations which promote arms and violence, particularly to youth, and that is reinforced by audio-visual entertainment sources. Fact.

It’s a darn shame that the guy in Arkansas was shot. He’s not alone. There were 50 other gun murders committed today in the United States. (Source: DOJ statistics, >18K gun murders per year) Another 50 people died by gunfire, due to accident or suicide. Without guns available, some of those people wouldn’t be dead. Fact. Guns are available. Fact. Without guns available, other people would be dead by gunfire or other means. Fact.

Sorry, it’s not simple. When the “solution” starts out with “all you have to do is . . .,” you are listening to a demagogue and liar, or an idiot, or both.

My “second father” Mr. Moon sent me something last week about interpersonal violence, some “rules”:

1 - The purpose of fighting is to win.
2 - If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.
3 - When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.
4 - A Texas Ranger was asked 'Why do you carry a .45?' The Ranger responded, 'Because they don't make a .46.'
5 - An armed man will kill an unarmed man with monotonous regularity.

Close your doors, turn up the TV, this doesn’t affect you. It can’t happen here.

Pippa passes.



Beysshoes said...

When you talk to Janese, you can mention she's got me burning temple incense in a pottery bowl full of sands here on this rock Roger. (I'd just talked with Hada who still goes twice a week for treatments).
...Anyway, I wanted to stop it and check on you and your boo boo. I see you're all yakked up as usuals so they must've let you out of the hospital.
...This was fun moving yes? (ha, yup its that bad in da boring and lonely dept just now.) So okay, just feeling all good and tucked in ... this being tres`. xox

rosa said...

Re Arkansas shooting. One thing that will never make the national press is that there is a great chance that the shooter wasn't really making a political statement, but rather he was simply suffering some sort of mental illness. That however isn't a spicy enough reason, so no one outside of Akransas will probably ever hear any more about the shooting.