02 August 2008

Down time

I do not do down time in increments larger than multiple hours absent force majeure. Today, that comes in the person of Dr. Hall. I like him. In his office is a photo of him earning his way through med school -- as a coal miner. Is that relevant to the practice of medicine? Well, I don't need roof-bolted, but human experiences are always relevant to the professions.

In any event, my derriere is cozily parked in a quiet corner room at FGH, the door closed, I have my briefcase with books, laptop, cords & cables, an MP3, and an IV. So, screw it, it's Miller time, I'm off duty.

As a part of the intake process, they ask if you have any religious practice that the hospital can help accomodate. Saying that to me is like wheeling out the barbecue at a meeting of new converts to PETA, it's just irresistable. Did you know that I always start a fire in my room around 3 AM? Neither did I until I was asked that question. LaJ assured the young lady that she would arrange to have me beaten about the head and shoulders if I got out of line.

Oh, to get me here, LaJ called in the artillery. She had LaG (my Mama) call me. Since I've called 911 for her (albeit against her wishes) thrice this year, she occupies quite a bully pulpit, and when you are outgunned, smile and surrender.

LaJ is going to request prayer at church tomorrow. Not for me, for the staff of FGH.

Pippa passes.


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Beysshoes said...

Roger, I'm going to light a candle and some temple incense for you right after I sign off here. Get some mileage out of this one yes? Love, Sarai