13 May 2008

Reassignment - Wor. Bro. William Morgan Reid

Brethren -

At 4:15 AM on Tuesday, 12 May 2008, the Great Architect summoned Worshipful Brother William Morgan Reid, Past Master, Fairmont Lodge # 9, AF&AM, to gather his Master Mason’s working tools and report to the Lodge Not Made With Hands. At this writing, he is being reunited with his beloved Tek.

Bill was in the presence of family and brethren when he died, and he made the transition peacefully. He discussed treatment options himself with Bro. Dr. Brad Miller on Monday afternoon, and his wishes were strictly adhered to. He was responding to conversation, prayer and scripture reading up until around 2 AM. Bill’s pastor, Rev. Cyphers, attended Bill Monday night, as did Pastor Josh Patty, who has been pinch-hitting for Rev. Cyphers while he was out of town for an extended period. The final prayer offered in his behalf was simply, "Father, into your hands we commend Bill's spirit."

Bill’s earthly remains are in the care of our brothers, the Fords. He will be at Ford/R.C.Jones at 1410 Country Club Road. Bill’s beloved cousin Janie is in de facto charge of funeral arrangements - she figured out that I was in over my head when she had to tell me what a "spray" is. The funeral will be sometime Saturday, and there WILL be a Masonic service at graveside, and Bill requested that Wor. Bro. Gary Donaldson act as Master. Gary needs a backup or two, so PM’s are really needed. Pastors Cyphers and Patty will both be doing the religious service There will be an Eastern Star service, probably Friday night. We’ll figure out other visitation times later today. Arrangements will be forwarded by Phil’s Masonic Telegraph, posted on my blog and in the Fairmont Times (and on their website, timeswv.com).

Rt. Wor. Bro. Greg Riley was one of the brothers who came up Monday night, and he told us that he remembers a Masonic funeral where around 80 brothers attended. We are doing the Saturday funeral to give as many brothers as possible an opportunity to attend and participate, and if we can’t turn out 100+, we ain’t trying. Please, please make every effort to attend. No, don’t make every effort - just attend, ok? Bill deserves it.

What am I forgetting? Oh, yeah - 3 or 4 weeks ago, Bill was talking to me about this eventuality - with a real gleam in his eye, he told me to strictly give it in charge to the brethren that there is no "uh" in the funeral service. Study, brothers, we only have one chance to get this right.

Roger Curry
Acacia 157
Cell 304-282-8013
Pippa passes.

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