14 May 2008

Election observations

Hillary by a landslide in West Virginia. That would be really significant if she were running for Governor. While Bill was sort of conscious, I told him that we needed to get the Rescue Squad to take him the half mile over to the college because he didn't want to miss meeting her. He gave me the last smile of his life and a nod.

Partner Amy won the Family Court Judge race. In lots of ways, this is win-win: She takes an important step for herself and family, and Dave gets to leave that pressure cooker with honor and a smile. Amy was still taking it all in today, and Dave was as upbeat and happy as I have seen him in a long time. But I lose a partner.

Oh, we went shooting yesterday. I have a problem. If an attacker stands in front of the broad side of a barn, s/he's safe from me.

Friend Randy Proctor came in third in the sheriff's race. That was the big surprise of the night.

Friend Spike Maynard lost the Supreme Court seat. They couldn't beat him fair & square, they had to go negative. Now, of course, he'll go make a mint in practice. Justice Workman has been there before, and she's OK. Justice-to-be Ketchum has a really good reputation, but I don't know him at all.

Pippa passes.


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