20 May 2008

A brief report on the Amazon Kindle

Since the publication in 1991 of Ben Bova's Cyberbooks, I have been awaiting the availability of a practical, dependable ebook device.

I'm still waiting.

I have just spent 2 hours trying (with mixed success) to get the content which I have paid for from the Amazon website to put on the THIRD Kindle that I have had, the first two having crapped out almost immediately.

The Kindle has good points - big memory (200 books or so), very sharp (if small) screen, (iffy) wireless capacity. However, my rather annoying experiences with Amazon and the Kindle lead me to conclude that with a whole lot of work, the quality of the Kindle will increase to "ordinary Chinese flimsy crap" and the customer service delivered by Amazon.com will rise to "sucks."

The initial process of opening your (first) Kindle and reading a (first) book is stimulating. So is the initial process of acquiring a venereal disease.

I need to check out bn.com.

Pippa passes.



longhair75 said...

Bro Roger,

I am glad you posted this. The concept of the Kindle is great, and if it were to perform as promised, I would not hesitate to spend the money. I had been considering buying one for a few weeks, but wanted to see more info.

Maybe someday, they will perfect it.

Anonymous said...

I purchased a Kindle last week. One thing I was upset over is that you need to be sure you are in an area with Sprint coverage. This was not made clear until after it was sent to me. Of course, I am one neighborhood, if not the only, that does not have Sprint Coverage. Not a huge deal as it works everywhere else for me, and at home, I can use my USB port to download. The only two things I would like to see improved are 1) I keep hitting the damn next page button by accident 2) A little brighter or an added backlight would be nice. Other than that, I am pleasantly pleased. - blu

Anonymous said...

i have been looking at different e-readers for a few years now and i just can't bring yself to spend that much money on something that will crap out fast or i won't be able to figure out how to use. i know i'm not a big technology person because i never figured out how to use my mp3 player and i can't figure out how to save numbers into my 3 month old phone. good luck to you.