27 September 2008

Roll call - first impressions

I just returned from Alice Polis's funeral. Son Tim picked me up at No. 3 in the new medic vehicle (first time I'd ridden in an MCRS rig in a number of years), and the EMS community had a big turnout of people and apparatus, together with many of Alice's family and friends.

The service concluded with the traditional last honor given a fallen brother/sister, the department roll call. Dispatch alerted all departments on all dispatch frequencies (18 stations in the county, and it takes about 2 minutes to go through all the alert tones), and announced that Paramedic Alice Polis did not answer roll call and was now serving with the Lord.

Then the cortege of the hearse, family vehicles and lots and lots of apparatus with flashing red lights passed slowly through the streets of Fairmont to Station 20, where the hearse passed through the honor guard of apparatus.

We take care of our own.

As the hearse pulled away, a call went out and one of the rigs headed the other direction, Code 3 (lights & siren). As I write this, another rig just came past No. 3 Code 3 on another call.

As always, Pippa passes.



Anonymous said...

Roger, your requim for Alice is very touching.

I remember when one of my best frieds (JT Honce) was killed over 9 years ago and how touching, memorable, sad, overwhelming, heart lifting, etc etc his funeral procession was.

These individuals who put their time, effort, and lives on the line to protect the citizens of our communities do not get the recognition they so deserve. I think that what you wrote was one of the best ways to pay tribute to not just Alice, but all the volunteers.
Thanks for writing these 2 posts.

Anonymous said...

so wonderful to have such a caring community to share the work, the loss, and the love.