26 December 2015

The Yawn of Political (In)Correctness

There comes a time when an opponent of “political correctness” becomes, themselves, “politically correct.”

This morning, I read on a public library Facebook page a comment criticizing them of using “Happy Holidays.”  

What’s wrong with “Happy Holidays”?  I use “Merry Christmas.”  If people want to talk about what that means, hey, I’m great with that.  If not, no big deal.  

I you want to say “Humbug,” go for it.  

I suspect that Jesus is OK with “Happy Holidays,” and is more concerned with how we act.

Flyers of the CSA battle flag, you’re not being rebels, you’re being dull and applying your own form of political correctness.  

It’s politically correct to focus on fear - Trump and Muslims, Obama and guns.  It’s politically correct to threaten the destruction of God - right, like He’s worried - or marriage - Right, the last I looked, it is still OK for heterosexuals to marry.  

So the people who tout opposition to political correctness are hypocrites - they are politically correct, just with different politics.

What is uncommon is thinking about an issue and discussing it.  And being able to tolerate without rancor views different from your own.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. 


(Ooops - “Mizpah” is a biblical term.  Am I being “correct” or not?  Do I really care?  Nah.)

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