24 August 2015

The Fellowship in China: Tianjin

The Chinese government is not very popular in America.  

But the Chinese people basically are just like us.  Some are decent.  Some are jerks.  Some are our brothers & sisters.  Some are about as welcome as the black sheep pimp at the family reunion.  

Among the brothers & sisters are the people who do the truly garbage jobs in society, the first responders.

By the way, “first responder” is a misnomer.  Usually, the “first responder” is the only responder you get.  If s/he can’t handle the problem, you are screwed.  If they are not willing to "spend themselves," lots of innocents are injured and die.

In the northeast China port of Tianjin - a HUGE port - a fire broke out in warehouses that stored chemicals.  There were explosions, and about 100 firefighters are still missing.

A whole lot of mistakes were made.  

For instance, there were flammable chemicals that you use water on if there is a fire.  But nearby, there were chemicals that, when exposed to water, give off an explosive gas.  That is one explanation for the explosions. 

But you can bet that the brothers & sisters killed were NOT the ones who made the mistakes.  They were the ones running TOWARD the danger when everybody else was (wisely) running AWAY.  The owners & managers of the warehouses weren’t there.   The government-types who dropped the ball or who looked the other way weren’t there.  The people who were supposed to guard THEIR people weren’t there.

I fear this is not much of a post.  And there is no sort of answer here.  Stupid people make mistakes by omission and commission that get other’s killed.  All the world over.  

God bless the Fellowship.

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