26 June 2015

A Brief Curmudgeonly Approach to the Supreme Court and a Gutless Congress

The Supreme Court issued two important decisions this week.  They did so because other organs of government haven't the guts to have an honest discussion.  

The gay marriage issue got to the Supreme Court because Congress did not have the moral integrity to have an honest discussion.  The state legislatures did not have the moral integrity to have an honest discussion.  A honest discussion requires that people set aside their prejudices and thoughtfully analyze the merits of the possible decisions.   Sure, everybody is prejudiced.  That's OK.  It takes a special skill to set aside all of those prejudices and have an honest discussion.  An honest discussion requires that we apply American values to the question.  It requires that we permit liberty of conscience and limit government restriction.  I’m not going to marry a gay person.  That’s my personal decision.  Does somebody else’s decision have any effect on me?  Nope.  

Obamacare is a continuing nightmare.  It was poorly drafted.  Very few of the people who voted on it read it.  Perhaps reading it would have found the apparent ambiguity.  Many who voted on it - for or against - held their nose as they did so.  Let's assume Obamacare is terribly screwed up.   It is such a great idea just to scrap it and have nothing?  Only if your slogan is "the people be damned."  Again, Congress has zero moral integrity.  Damn near everybody was married to the thought that the insurance industry had to get their piece of the action.  Obamacare is corporate welfare in action.  Either way, the insurance industry wins.

We have seen lots of demonstrations in the past two days.  Jumping up and down in celebration or indignation.  Those are absolutely protected public speech.  They are also pointless.  Decisions are made.  They are made.  Now, we need to SHUT THE FUCK UP about it and perhaps, just perhaps, turn our attention to stuff that actually counts.  If you don’t have a list of stuff that truly counts, America is in as sad a shape as I think it is.  

It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Land of the free.  Pull the other one.  It’s got bells on it.

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