14 September 2014

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Do less-that-imaginative teachers still assign this topic to students?

I well remember the struggle to memorialize my summer for some teacher who couldn’t think of a more interesting topic.  And precisely how to discuss a kid’s summer?  Let’s face it, “I messed around” was accurate, but it wasn’t long enough.  And it was dull, almost as dull as the topic.  But ever wedded to bullshit, we prattled on about trivial that made us look, well, boring.

Oh, but it was such a delightful shade of boring!

I have had a slightly more active summer this year than I did as a youth.  

First, I worked to get the office in shape for me to be out for a while.  

Then I had gastric bypass surgery, and settle in for about 6 weeks to recover.  That was kinda dull, but I was ready for a dull time.  

And, other than the surgery itself, it was good.

Then, I had a stroke.

That was bad.  Also not nearly as bad as it could have been, so believe me, I’m not complaining.

And so, these Dispatches will now resume the hit-or-miss publication “schedule,” on the possibility that I can think of anything to say.

Pippa passes.

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