19 December 2012

School Shootings and Violence - The Revealed Truth, Part II

It is such a challenge to deal rationally with high emotional content events. 

Cultural norms are shifting.  We are rewarding behavior which is pusillanimous. There seem to be ever-diminishing positive consequences of accepting “the bitter with the sweet.”

Case in point: Some well-intentioned local agencies are offering special counseling to persons who are having trouble dealing with the 14 December school shootings. 

Local as in West Virginia. 

School shootings as in Connecticut.

We understand sadness. We understand sympathy. For that matter, counseling is a grand good thing. Number 3 Equity Court refers one or two folks a week into the skilled hands of professional counselors.

But this was a news event. One must wonder why someone who wasn’t there and has no connection to the event other than watching the news suddenly has acquired a “need” for counseling.

It’s hard to figure out a “why” there.  Wallowing in self indulgence?  Admittedly, that is sooo inviting.  Just buying into the “poor me” attitude which is gaining such popularity?

I’m thinking that those who genuinely need counseling after that event likely needed it prior to that event as well.

A couple of our friends decry the “Wussification” of America.  I cannot help but make take action a connection between the victim-seeking behavior and that process.

Also, as I rather expected, everyone with a publicist or press agent is buying into meaninglessly caring deeply. I skimmed over a headline today which extolled the virtue of a professional football player for visiting victims.

Give me a break.

There will be a part three coming.

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