09 May 2012

Elections, mostly; Awfully Bloody Boring

Personal notes:

The Lord God has placed us on injured reserve over the past week. We are hopeful that our coffee break soon will be over.

Holy Mackerel, I have been working on the dictation of Oce Smith today.   It is a touch challenging to switch from first person plural to first person singular.

It has been interesting watching some parts of the medical system in action. The lady doing an “echo” procedure (it uses sound waves) swung the screen around so I could see the images, watch and learn.

When told I was coming to his unit, one nurse got a rise out of the people sending me with the comment, “Send that dirtbag up!”

Of course, he is a very old and very good friend from my old rescue company.

Do not expect “bulletins.” I don’t do that. This is part of life.  Sometimes, God kicks you in the ass, yelling “Hey, dummy!”

The West Virginia primary:

I was speaking to someone from the political arm of the national group of which I am a member a few weeks ago.  He inquired what kind of money should be allocated for the presidential race in West Virginia. I suggested that they spend 20 bucks on bumper stickers and call it a day. Pee-wee Herman would beat Obama West Virginia. That sounds like it’s supposed to be a joke. It’s not. Pee-wee really would.

Obama was opposed in West Virginia by one Keith Judd of Texas. Keith Judd is an inmate in a penitentiary. Obviously, he is pretty quirky. Nevertheless, he nearly made 40% of the vote in the primary of the Democratic Party.

West Virginia does not consist of a bunch of ignorant Hicks. However, it consists of people who have a very low opinion of the current administration.

Supreme Court:

No surprises here, incumbent Robin Davis led the ticket and Tish Chafin, who spent the most money and worked the hardest, claimed the second spot. I do note that Justice Davis did not campaign very hard and didn’t spend very much money, at least in this part of the state. It is unusual that someone on the Supreme Court gets that kind of incumbent security.

Circuit Judge:

The appointed incumbent, Michael John Aloi, took 52% against two challengers. One is my friend and brother Jeff Taylor who ran a moderately funded, vigorously grassroots and very energetic knocking on doors campaign. The third candidate was Greg Hinton, who is an exceedingly nice fellow and a former mayor of Fairmont. Greg has been teaching full-time at the college and has not been actively practicing for a number of years.

I was not surprised by the result, but the margin was a good bit more than I expected. I had scored it as nearly a dead heat.


Incumbent Sheriff Joe Carpenter was reelected.

Okay, he was renominated. But in Marion County, there’s not been a Republican Sheriff since Hoover was the president.

Joe got 50% of the vote and he had six challengers, some of them serious. That was not real good news for Joe, but it’s about what I expected. Joe is an absolutely uninvolved politician. I don’t even say that as a criticism, I think he sees that as “selling out.” He works his ass off, but he doesn’t do it out in public. He is honorable and principled.

It would be nice if elections were determined solely on qualifications, honor and principle. I don’t look for that to become a trend. You heard it here first.

Yeah, it's boring.  But all  politics is local.


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