01 July 2011

The Passing of a Man's Man

This morning, Donald Born of Pleasant Valley was called Home. Mr. Born (we always called him that) was 83.

Mr. Born was our Brother, Judge David Born’s Dad, as well as Dad to my friends Don Born and Doug Born. Dave’s wife Beverly and Don’s wife Liz were loving daughters to Mr. Born, and cared for him lovingly in his last illness.

Mr. Born was an engineer; an outdoorsman; a Navy veteran; a man of God and of Family. He worked hard all his life and kept working hard well into retirement. Up until a couple of years ago, he and his buddy still went into the national forest to do volunteer trail maintenance.

We know of no greater appellation: There was a Man’s Man.


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Anonymous said...

how beautiful, to have shared this lovely planet with such a man! Godspeed.