28 April 2011

Snippets of Really Important Stuff

The Royal Wedding

Several thousand of the Fellowship across the sea have worked for weeks and are working all night to ensure peace, security and safety for that idiotic extravaganza. They are in our thoughts tonight.

This Damned Election

The State Journal today quotes some academics who predict an ultra-low turn out in the governor’s election of 14 May 2011 due to something they are calling “voter fatigue.”

It’s fine to sit back on one’s ass and analyze how bad things are. But it’s better to suggest some improvements. THIS ELECTION IS IMPORTANT. If “We the People” let down, some nebulous “they” win, and we’re not in charge any more. And there are more loyal Mountaineers than there are dishonest bastards. There's more of us than there are of them.


Seldom do I hit any wireless access other than my own servers. Downtown the other day, I was working in the café and the window of available networks came up. (No, I don’t know why. My HAL9000 laptop does lots of things for reasons unbeknownst to me.) One wireless network was cleverly named: “geturownfuckinginternet”

Clear communication, I do so love it.

Book Rec.

I’ve run across a short and inspiring little book by historical novelist Steven Pressfield: Do The Work. It’s a simple tome on burning through the crap of life that holds you back. On Amazon, it's cheap in hardcover and currently free for Kindle.

Faster Food, Simpler Life

Today as I was waiting on a hearing, I stayed in the café working. When I’m in a hurry, I will stop at McDonalds for their breakfast fare, to the tune of 7 bucks or so. Today, I ordered breakfast from Jeri, the proprietor, for $4. Cheaper, healthier (lots less grease), and I feel like a dumbass for stopping at McDonalds - ever.

[Note to Roger from Bridget the Dog: You ARE a dumbass, but I’m not going to bury you in the backyard. Yet.]

Dragon Naturally Speaking

I accidentally ran across an excellent feature of this most useful voice recognition-dictation program. You can spell stuff phonetically (alpha-bravo-charlie-delta, etc.)


The funeral of Ron Dilly, who attended our church, was held today. I accord him what I consider high praise: He was a man’s man.

Watch Crystals

I’m death on watches. Possibly it’s secondary to clumsiness but I prefer that it’s a product of getting my hands dirty. In any event, I’ve found that the material used to protect the screens of ebook readers, PDA’s, etc., makes a good protector for a watch crystal.

A Grumpy Bull-Moose

Yes, I am, especially tonight. I can live with that.


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