28 June 2010

Senator Byrd

Senator Byrd was in Congress my entire life. Writers are falling over one another in the flowery-prose competition today.

Simply put, Senator Byrd's death is a great loss to the United States and to West Virginia. It is also a great personal loss to a great many West Virginians.

He started with nothing. He never became money-rich in his service to the people.

At least he is now reunited with his beloved Erma.


doreenmary said...

Ummmm. KKK, Roger!?! What about THAT? Byrd had said he changed and was wrong, but I'm not so sure I believe that. Does hatred that deep really go away? He was of a generation that such prejudice was ingrained and hard to overcome. 92 years old... Wow.

Roger D. Curry said...

The Senate has dragged out the Lincoln Catafalque for Senator Byrd.

Your question is fascinating, Doreen. I'll do a whole post anon.


sheila222 said...

I actually do think you can change your mind on issues of prejudice; which may be precipitated by closer association with the group you have less than compassionate feelings for. Another example was Jesse Helms who totally reversed his HIV/ADIS position and became a staunch supporter for additional research and relief for folks suffering from it.