23 January 2010

Impartial Reflections on Particle Physics, Driveway Sealants and Pet Dander

Publication on My Schedule

Flexibility in assisting Matriarch LaG in her illness necessitates publication of all but critical stuff as and when circumstances permit.

The home health ladies are welcome to her home and are doing noble work. Think about it.

A couple of the younger of the home health ladies also find themselves attending LaG’s College of Home Economics. I frequently find them all learning together archanae such as why success in candy-making depends on humidity and the relative merits of differently shaped shears in the trimming of blankets.


Yesterday, Friend Vanessa celebrated her 42nd. She began practice with us, and now has a good “boutique” family law practice.

And today was quite remarkable. “Second Father” Jim Moon turned 80 today. We held a lunch thing at Muriale’s (a first-rate Italian eatery in the Friendly City), well-attended by many friends, and Jim was quite surprised. The Governor had to cancel at the last minute (new grandchild being born!), but sent a staffer to present Jim with the . That Award is the highest award given by the Governor for service to the people of West Virginia. Governor Manchin did call Jim from the hospital during the luncheon.

And we were honored to see a very elite group of men present Jim another recognition. Jim is a U.S. Army veteran of the Korean War. Jim is truly my second father and yet all I know (or likely ever will know) of that is that he is a combat veteran who was evacuated to Japan for wounds. Some years ago in a move, his Purple Heart was lost. Bro. Jamie Spriggs’ son James, himself a member of the Army 82nd Airborne on medical leave from wounds in Iraq, found out that Jim did not have the medal, and made arrangements that it be reawarded today. Military veterans among the readers will know more than any of the rest of us the significance of this to Jim.

Friend and Bro. Oce Smith attended, and Pastor Josh Patty was fascinated by Oce’s personal recollections of JFK, Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey in the 1960 Primary Election.

The delectable detritus of pasta and birthday cake will be feeding Rescue Co. 20's crews for the next couple of days.

No. 3 Equity Court Continues to Transcend the Physical World

The ill-informed believe that No. 3 is a place. Piffle. No. 3 is a world, a belief, an attitude, a joy, a dimension, an immersion and a pith touching Newtonian space only incidentally. Nonetheless, the point in space-time loosely identified with No. 3 will shift suddenly in two weeks, as the firm moves to new digs on Country Club Road. Information and photograph will be provided. Partner JC is making this happen effectively and quickly, and Mr. Moon also has labored mightily in the vineyards of this project.

But the Real No. 3 Equity Court? It has always been and always will be in the heart.

No, I don’t know where my blog post titles come from.

Pippa passes. As always. That, I do know.



Anonymous said...

on the subject of disagreements, a slight one: just because Jesus, perhaps, was not an intellectual wallflower, this does not give blanket permission for people to walk around with flabby, undeveloped minds. In my world, being an intellectual (wildflower or not) is madly to be desired. And I supect you are one, so there.

Roger D. Curry said...

Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, what am I to do with you? I tried Charlie Daniels. I know! I'll send you the announcement for the next gun show here! I hope you can come! You'll meet SUCH interesting people! And THEN, dearest, you'll understand so much more about redneck and cut this "intellectual" slander.