21 February 2009


World-wide Stand-down

In some mechanical or social systems there appear lots of imbalances, questions, disputes, failures and discomfort (e.g., several unexplained accidents), whoever the decision-makers are will, rarely, call for a "stand-down." They stop the system. The day-to-day pressure of operations is lifted, and those within the system have a chance to review what's right, what's wrong and carefully run some alternate methods of doing things.

There is, as I have pointed out, a "disturbance in The Force." Not only do I find that in the news, I look at the writing and blogs of friends (samples in links to the right) and find the same: everyone seems particularly on edge and on guard. I know that I sure as hell am.

And so, I modestly propose a "non-week," or even a "non-month." Stand down. Stop. Chill. Quit demanding, quit bitching. Quit spraying aerosol negativity, gloom and depression. As Jim Belushi said in the movie, The Principal, "No more!" As Roberto Duran said in a fight, "No mas!"

Sit alertly. Stretch your senses to perceive whatever it is that's going on. And let's empty our minds of our ready-made certain-to-be-effective fixes that never seem to work.

More ethereal than normal? That's OK.

Pippa passes.


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Beysshoes said...

I like this one. Alot.