09 January 2009

A Word from a Dad

Son Tim Curry passed his national paramedic exam today. That's a milestone for someone in the emergency services.

I've never "pushed" Tim in that direction (for that matter, he's not a real "pushable" guy), but I'm very proud and pleased that he has chosen this path. If someone is looking for "Easy Street," this ain't it.

I am reminding him, however (and prompting all my old buddies to remind him) that EMS was much tougher 25 years ago "when men were men" and all that sort of balderdash.

Pippa passes.



Spidey said...

congrats to your son! an honorable profession. :)

doreenmary said...

Pride of a parent....it's a beautiful thing. And why am I humming, "Those Were the Days"... the theme song from All in the Family? Sing with me.... "And you knew where you were then...girls were girls and men were men...Mister we could use a man like Hubert Hoover again.....THOSE WERE THE DAYS"