17 September 2016

And the sign says we don't have guts

Took in a movie today.  Very ordinary.

But at the mega–theater, I saw a sign on the entrance:

Oh, wait, that’s not big enough.  Try this:

Not big enough?  Ok, here’s a close-up:

Wow, you’re hard to please.  Here is a REAL close-up:

That - and the same sign on other doors - is the only thing which tells people that weapons are banned.  This, by the way, is not another gun post sure to piss off both sides.  This is about taking the FIRST Amendment  seriously and not pussyfooting around.

The theater has a perfect right to ban weapons from the premises.  It’s a statute in West Virginia which, incidentally, is unnecessary.  If you have a business premises, you can determine what people bring with them.  You can’t discriminate on suspect classes - Methodists, Algerians - but other than that, the business owner is in charge.  Period.

What I can’t figure out is who the owners are trying to please or who they are afraid of.  If they are trying to please the don’t-take-a-gun-into-a-theater crowd - probably most folks - by saying to anyone who asks that they have a sign, what kind of idiot would believe that is sufficient?  If they are trying to please the NRA by hoping nobody notices, well, that’s cowardly.

Political correctness works both ways.  It works for liberals.  It works for conservatives, too.  It even works for me if I choose to use it, even though I’m a firm mind-your-own-business-ite.

Come on, people.  Take a stand.


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